Video: How to Use the NSF Website to Identify the Core Program that Fits Your Research

When pursuing research funding from NSF, it's extremely important that you identify the program or programs within NSF that best fit(s) your research. A good place to start is the NSF website. This video shows how to the use the website to identify the program (and program director) that is most likely to be interested in funding your research. The next step will be to contact the program director to discuss whether your research fits their program.

Video: How to Use NIH's RePORTER to Identify the Study Section and Program that Fits Your Research

NIH's RePORTER awards database has been around a while now, but many researchers aren't aware that NIH has been adding a number of nifty new capabilities that make this a powerful research tool that you can use to identify the IC, program and study section that best fits your research. This video shows how to do that.