New and junior faculty represent a significant investment by their university, and their future success will influence the future success of their institutions.

In many disciplines, the ability to win external research funding is key to academic success, yet many new faculty have had little or no instruction on how to find and compete for grants.

We offer a range of resources to help new and junior faculty jumpstart their research programs by winning external funding:

  • Workshops, seminars and webinars on how to find and compete for research funding

  • One-on-one consultations in person or by phone or Skype to discuss the faculty member's research agenda, identify and evaluate specific funding opportunities and answer questions

  • Proposal consultation, editing and review by phone and e-mail, in which we assist the faculty researcher through each step of the process of developing a proposal:

    • developing a proposal outline

    • review and editing of drafts(providing feedback on how clear and compelling the proposal text is, how well it addresses review criteria)

    • review of the final draft

(Click here for a description of proposal assistance services for NSF CAREER proposals, with prices)

The goal is not only to help faculty to produce a competitive proposal, but to give them the skills and knowledge that they can use throughout their careers to identify and analyze future funding opportunities and develop competitive proposals.