We offer a series of workshops, seminars and webinars
specifically for university researchers and research staff


We customize our workshops, seminars, and webinars based on the needs and goals of each client, the research interests and levels of experience of workshop participants.  Below are examples of the types of training we offer. Many clients assemble 2- or 3-day workshops consisting of multiple sessions on a variety of topics as well as individual consultations. (See example workshop schedules here.)

Competing for Funding from the National Science Foundation

Workshop on the National Science Foundation (NSF) covering the agency's mission, funding priorities, how NSF is organized, how proposals are reviewed, the types of projects funded by NSF, and a step-by-step discussion of how to write a proposal to NSF. Length varies from 3 hours to a full day, depending on the amount of interactive exercises included A shorter version is offered as a webinar.

Workshop for New Faculty: Funding Your Research - How to Get Started

Workshop for new faculty covering strategies for developing a research agenda, identifying and analyzing funding opportunities, understanding funding agencies,creating a funding plan, and recruiting mentors and collaborators. Length varies from 3 hours to a full day, depending on the level of detail and interactivity desired. A shorter version is also offered as a webinar.

Competing for Funding from the National Institutes of Health

For faculty researchers who are new to NIH, covering how NIH is organized, how to find and understand NIH funding opportunities, how to identify the IC, study section and program that best fits your research, how NIH proposals are structured, the review process, and keys to writing a competitive proposal. Available as a 3-hour workshop session or,  in shorter form, as a webinar

How to Write Successful Grants for Instrumentation

Discusses grants that fund instrumentation and equipment and how to develop a successful proposal for those grants (emphasis will be on NSF Major Research Instrumentation and NIH Shared Instrumentation Grants, but other funding programs will also be discussed).  Available as a webinar and as a 2-hour session as part of a live proposal workshop.

How to Write Successful Proposals for NSF CAREER, DoD Young Investigator and Other Grants for Early-Career Researchers

Workshop for junior faculty covering grants specifically for early-career researchers.  The seminar will focus on special requirements for these kinds of grants, how to decide when to apply, and keys to writing a successful proposal for these grants. Length varies from 3 hours to all day, depending on the level of detail and interactivity desired.  Also available in shorter form as a webinar.

Pursuing funding for large team and center proposals

This interactive session will discuss best practices for developing large, multi-disciplinary and Center-level proposals. How to bring together multi-disciplinary teams, develop a Center vision and schedule and write the proposal. Particular challenges include developing education and outreach components, assessment and evaluation, and integrating research from very different disciplines.

Other Workshop Session Topics

  • Pursuing funding from USDA NIFA
  • Pursuing funding from DoD
  • Pursuing funding for Education Research
  • Addressing NSF's Broader Impacts requirement
  • Pursuing funding for Education Research
  • Pursuing funding from DoD
  • Pursuing funding from DOE
  • Pursuing funding for Humanities Research
  • Pursuing funding from the mission agencies (DOE, USDA, NOAA, NASA, etc.)
  • Pursuing funding for Social Science Research
  • Pursuing funding from Private Foundations
  • Competing for International Grants
  • Other sessions developed on request

How to Schedule a Seminar, Workshop, or Webinar

Seminars, workshops and webinars are offered on request. We recommend that live seminars be offered in conjunction with individual consultations with attendees, in which we will provide individual advice based on their specific funding needs, interests, and questions.

Additional Details

Rates for seminars, webinars, and workshops depend on the length, complexity, number of participants and travel expenses. 

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