NSF and USAF Announce Partnership in Science & Eng Research

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and National Science Foundation (NSF) Director France Córdova signed a Letter of Intent May 9, 2018, creating a new partnership for collaboration on scientific and engineering research to bolster national security.  The Letter of Intent initiates a strategic partnership focused on research in four areas of common interest: space operations and geosciences, advanced material sciences, information and data sciences, and workforce and processes.

For more info, see this link.

NSF Webinar for EHR Proposers June 19th

NSF will host a webinar for PIs who are interested in applying for NSF CAREER grants through the Directorate for Education and Human Resources. If you are one of those folks, this could be a very worthwhile webinar, as each directorate uses the CAREER program in its own way and has its own expectations.

The webinar is scheduled for June 19, 2018 from 2 - 3 pm Eastern Daylight Time. For more info, go to this EHR CAREER webinar link

NSF Dear Colleague Letter lists International Funding Mechanisms

A recent NSF Dear Colleague letter was issued to remind researchers involved in the BRAIN initiative of funding programs and mechanisms that support international cooperation. Most of these programs are equally applicable to international collaborations in other research topics funded by NSF and bear repeating:

Video: How to Use the NSF Website to Identify the Core Program that Fits Your Research

When pursuing research funding from NSF, it's extremely important that you identify the program or programs within NSF that best fit(s) your research. A good place to start is the NSF website. This video shows how to the use the website to identify the program (and program director) that is most likely to be interested in funding your research. The next step will be to contact the program director to discuss whether your research fits their program.