WEBINAR: How to Write a Winning NSF CAREER Proposal

APRIL 8, 2016

2:00 - 4:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time


Our popular annual live webinar for faculty interested in applying to the NSF CAREER program will be held on Friday, April 8th at 2:00 – 4:30 pm Eastern time. (We’ve extended the webinar an additional 30 minutes this year to allow time to cover a little more material and still have time for questions.)

You can order access to the live webinar for $275. For an additional $100 you can purchase unlimited access to the recording until July 15, 2016.  If you want recording access only, the cost is the same as the live webinar ($275). (Many universities integrate the webinar with other activities such as a Q&A panel of recent CAREER awardees from the university or a discussion of education and outreach infrastructure at the university to which faculty can connect.) 

To register and for more info, click the button below and choose the product (live webinar, recording access, or both). We have a new webinar host this year – Blue Sky Broadcast – so the process is a little different. You’ll need to register first and then you can pay for the webinar.  


Webinar Description

Webinar for faculty on how to write a successful proposal to NSF’s Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER).

  • How to decide when and if to apply for a CAREER grant
  • How to position yourself and your research to be competitive for a CAREER
  • Planning your CAREER research plan: developing your goals, research questions/hypotheses, and objectives
  • How to develop an education plan
  • Addressing diversity
  • Keys to success and common mistakes to avoid
  • A step-by-step discussion of each section of the proposal and what it needs to tell the reviewers
  • How to analyze reviews and decide whether to revise and resubmit 
  • Questions and Answers

A package will be also provided to participants that includes annotated excerpts from successful proposals and helpful resources.

Webinar FAQ