AIP Reports on White House Planned Science Agency "Reforms"

On its website, the American Institute of Physics provides an informative overview of the impact on R&D programs of the White House's recently released blueprint outlining over 80 recommendations for reorganizing the federal government. Among the recommendations related to R&D:

  • Consolidate DOE's applied R&D programs (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy, and Fossil Energy) as well as ARPA-E into a new "Office of Energy Innovation." (The administration has been hostile to ARPA-E, so this may be a stealth way to eliminate it.)
  • Consolidate "smaller" federally funded graduate research fellowships under NSF
  • Eliminate the EPA STAR program
  • Consolidate AHRQ, NIOSH and the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research under NIH
  • Merge the Department of Education and the Labor Department

           and much more.  If you or your faculty pursue funding from the mission agencies, be sure to keep a close eye on this!