NSF Programmatic Changes

In separate Dear Colleague Letters, NSF announced the reorganization of the Systematics and Biodiversity Science (SBS) cluster in the Biological Sciences directorate (DEB division) and the realignment of the Service, Manufacturing, and Operations Research (SMOR) progam in the Engineering Directorate (CMMI division).

  • The SBS cluster will be reorganized into a core program named the Systematics and Biodiversity Science (SBS). Proposals that formerly would be submitted to the Phylogenetic Systematics, Biodiversity: Discovery and Analysis, and the Genealogy of Life programs will now be submitted to SBS. This change will affect preliminary and full proposals submitted to the 2018 deadlines for the DEB Core Programs solicitation.
  • The SMOR program is being renamed Operations Engineering (OE) and will focus on fundamental research in quantitative methods strongly motivated by problems that have potential for high impact in engineering applications. Areas of priority include: production and advanced manufacturing systems, public safety and security, healthcare delivery, and sustainability, as well as new and emerging areas. More here.